About the hotel

Estrel Berlin is Germany’s largest hotel, and we have something to suit every taste and need: 1,125 spaciously designed rooms and suites are your sanctuary for relaxation at your home away from home.

The atrium of the Estrel Hotel is home to a variety of restaurants serving cuisine from Germany and beyond: Portofino is our tip for top Italian cuisine; German dishes await you at the Estrel-Stube; first-class steaks are served at the Restaurant Grill. A summer garden with its own landing pier and a modern wellness & fitness area complete the offering.

Directly adjoining the hotel is the Estrel Festival Center. Enjoy Berlin’s cult-show Stars in Concert, which features live performances portraying superstars such as Elvis, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe und Freddie Mercury.

Room offers

Room type Single room Double room
Price per night,
breakfast incl.
€118.00 €133.00
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Distance to start/finish: 7.6 km