About the hotel

HENRI is the new kid in town. A house. A hotel. A temporary home.

If Henri were a person, you’d immediately seek his company and wonder whether you hadn’t met him somewhere before.He would already be sauntering over to you with an impish grin.

While you’d still be gazing and pointing your finger in his direction, he would already have taken a seat opposite you and be crossing his legs with a smile.

He wants you to solve the puzzle, after all there’s nothing we like better than a nut we’ve cracked.

When the shell breaks and you hear his voice, everything makes sense, just as if you’ve walked through your own front door. You receive a warm welcome in a beautiful backdrop. Welcome to the moment. Welcome to Henri.

Room offers

Room type Single room Double room
Kabinett/Les Chambres
Price per night,
breakfast incl.
€119.00 €140.00
Book now by referring to the following keyword: SCC Events

Distance to start/finish: 3.4 km