About the hotel

HENRI’s the new kid in town. It’s a house and a hotel and quite simply a temporary home. If Henri were a person, you’d feel relaxed in his presence straight away and wonder if you hadn’t come across him before. He would saunter over to you with a playfully mischievous grin. And while you’re still contemplating his motives, he’s already taken a seat, crossing one leg over the other. It’s a puzzle he wants you to solve. And all of a sudden you’ve cracked it.

On hearing his voice, everything’s revealed and seems as natural as a homecoming. He’s merely extending a warm welcome in a beautiful backdrop. Welcome to comfort. Welcome to HENRI. After this first meeting, Henri’s delighted to divulge more about his hotel:

“HENRI Hotel in downtown Hamburg is a temporary home, right in Hamburg’s traditional Kontor office quarter on Bugenhagenstrasse. The DSR family’s long-standing experience lives on in a new form of bespoke comfort. By providing true hospitality and a cosmopolitan flair, we strove to create an intimate ambience with an international appeal. Guests can discover for themselves the many facets the hotel has to offer. Henri has over 65 rooms on seven floors in three categories which range from M-Studios at 20 sqm and L-Studios at 30 sqm to Suites at approx. 40 sqm.”

Welcome to comfort. Welcome to HENRI.

Room offers

Room type Single room Double room
Price per night,
breakfast incl.
€175.00 €195.00
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Distance to start/finish: 0.6 km